Nifty Puzzle Hunt

Welcome to my first puzzle hunt!

For context, I made this for two friends right after we finished one of Foggy Brume's puzzle hunts. They still haven't finished this hunt, but doesn't mean you can't!

It might not look like a traditional hunt, one with all that fluffy flavour text and fixed paths, but you'll still need to use your intuition, experience, and insights to find the final, one-word solution.

You can enter and check your answers below (blue indicates your answer is correct, red indicates your answer is incorrect), and this page will automatically save your process. Getting it to work in a website has been a real challenge. If you have any issues, spot any errors, get stuck on a puzzle, or want to share anything about the puzzle, please send me an email!

Answers can be found here.

A Google Sheets version of the above table can be copied from here.