Cryptic Crosswords

I've written some cryptic crosswords under the nom de plume Binder.

If you'd like to be notified when I upload new puzzles, firstly, that's crazy, thankyou, secondly, you can do so here.

Non-Cryptic Crosswords

In terms of crosswords in the publications, I'm not really about that, but Brian roped me into making this crossword with him for ACVX!

You can find most of my non-cryptic crosswords hosted on Crosshare at this page. Of particular note, I am proud of the following:

Puzzle Hunts

My first puzzle hunt, the Nifty Puzzle Hunt, has been mostly tested - be the first to complete it!

(I also contributed to the 2022 MIT Mystery Hunt with some test solving and post-production - I highly recommend checking the hunt out!.)